Proximity marketing solution

A powerful platform that use best-in-class Bluetooth Waves to deliver your compelling proximity-based marketing campaigns/content directly to your customers’ smartphones. A unified solution to reduce time spend on marketing and helps you gather annonimised customer behaviour data, using Bluetooth Waves and our Proximity Marketing Platform. It’s a marketer’s dream.

It’s an easy-to-use web-based platform offering content flexibility, campaign management and real-time analytics.

How To get Started?

1. Deploy Waves

Buy our best-in-class Bluetooth Waves and get started with your proximity marketing – quick and easy. All our Bluetooth Waves are Eddystone and iBeacon compliant and are pre-configured to work out-of-the-box. This makes them easy to deploy, straight out of the box.

2. Create & deploy campaigns

Create engaging proximity marketing campaigns with our web based easy-to-use Proximity Marketing Platform. With our WYSIWY (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor you can quickly and easily create marketing campaigns using images, videos, content, vouchers, bespoke html – the simplest alternative to a web landing pages. Once campaigns are created you can assign them to individual Waves. 

With our Proximity Marketing Platform manage and organize your Bluetooth Waves and  proximity marketing campaigns with a smooth experience and enhanced control.

3. Engage With Users

Reach out to your customers in smarter ways and interact with users in close proximity to Waves by broadcasting your proximity marketing campaigns via Google Nearby notifications. Google Nearby eliminates the need for a pre-installed app on Android smartphones (On IOS smartphones Nearby app had to be installed to receive notifications) .

Notify visitors of contextually relevant offers, listings or any information, without the need for an app.

4. Monitor analytics

With our Proximity Marketing Platform’s campaign analytics you can monitor the performance of the overall campaign to understand how visitors are engaging with your business and can make informed decisions like is the campaign resonates with user, or do they need fine-tuning.

Our Platform’s beacon analytics helps you get a deeper understanding of how each Waves performs and evaluate the response to your campaigns at specific places.

Get started with proximity marketing campaigns in minutes.